Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How far out are you scheduled?

A) We can typically book customers within a one to two week window, however in April, May, June, September and October it is best to call two weeks in advance to guarantee we can schedule you on your desired date.

Q) Do you have a standard price for a house of my size?

A) It is really difficult to give a standard price because every house is very different in the amount of glass, amount of ladder work, access to the glass, and types of windows. See our pricing section for more details on prices.

Q) Are tracks included in the window cleaning price?

A) Because they can be very labor intensive to clean and in most cases take longer then the windows themselves, tracks are an additional price.

Q) Do I really need to have the inside of my windows cleaned?

A) We strongly recommend that first-time customers clean both the inside and outside of their windows for two reasons: often, the inside of the windows is dirtier than the outside, so customers who clean only the outside notice smudges on the inside more than before the cleaning. Also, over the counter spray-on products do not clean windows as thoroughly as soap and squeegee and may be harmful to the environment. Once we clean the inside of your windows, further appointments may include only the outside for complete customer satisfaction.

Q) Do you do construction clean-up?

A) Yes, we work for many Custom home builders in the county and clean all the glass from construction debris and dirt. We do have a TEMPERED GLASS WAIVER that must be signed prior to any construction cleaning of windows.

Q) How often should I clean my windows?

A) This really depends on your preference and your type of house. Some of our customers choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Generally, we recommend doing a full cleaning in the spring (with pressure washing) and an outside cleaning (with gutter cleaning) in the fall.

Q)  Do I need to be home for the window cleaning?

A) We prefer that you be home when we clean your windows for safety and accessibility reasons, and to make sure you are satisfied with our work. If for some reason you cannot be present during the scheduled time, we need to have some way of contacting you in case something changes. 

Q) How do I prepare for you to come?

A) It is very helpful if you move obstacles away from the windows, especially knick-knacks. Although this is not required, it will save us a lot of time and is very appreciated. Additional charges may apply if there is extensive furniture or knick-knack removal.   

Q) Do you move televisions, computers and other electronics in order to access windows?

A) Our cleaners are trained to work around them, but due to the liability risk, we cannot move complex electronic systems. 

Q) Do I need to remove my curtains?

A) Usually we can work around them, but if there is a problem, the cleaner will discuss possible solutions with you.

Q) Does the weather affect the service?

A) We work year around as long as the temperatures are above freezing. If it is raining, we can start on the inside on your windows until the weather improves.

Q) Do you charge extra for windows stained by hard water?

A) We charge hourly to remove hard water. It can be very time consuming and difficult to remove.  Though there are many chemicals on the market, most do not work very well when there is extreme hard water damage. If you have any questions, ask the cleaner and they will make you aware the options we offer and let you know if they would make a noticeable difference.  

Q) Do you charge extra for paint, nicotine stain, silicone, vine, or sticker removal?

A) Yes, like hard water removal, these can be very time consuming and difficult to remove. Talk to the cleaner before they begin the job about an accurate price for removal of these items.

Q) My windows look foggy and/or there is moisture built up between them; can you get that off?

A) If it is in between your factory-sealed, double-pane windows, there is nothing we can do. You will most likely have to replace the window.

Q) Will cleaning the windows scratch or damage my window tint?

A)  As long as the tint is at least 6-7 weeks old, it is very unlikely that our products or cleaning techniques will scratch or damage your tint. If it is questionable, our cleaners are trained to test the glass.

Q) Can you work around my security screens?

A) We find it best to leave security screens alone as much as possible. However, if we need to take them down, our cleaners are properly trained on how to do so.

Q) I hear there are products that will keep my windows clean longer. Do you use these?

A) For the most part, using this type of product is more costly than simply arranging a second cleaning. If, however, you wish for us to use on of these products, we must know in advance so that we can order and prepare it.