Pricing Information

Per Surface

Blue Sky charges per individual surface of glass. For example, we would consider this window (right) as having 8 panes, and thus 16 surfaces of glass (eight inside and eight outside surfaces). If the window has a screen, we will clean that screen at no extra charge. Screens are included in the per pane price weather there is a screen or not. The only time we charge extra for screens would be if they are Security screens(wired) or if screen are extremely covered with debris.

Multiple Pane Surfaces

Some windows are cut up into smaller pieces and separated by a piece of wood, aluminum or plastic. In this case, Blue Sky charges per individual square. The window only qualifies as French panes ( left) if the divisions are on the outside of your window and are non-removable. If, however, the separations are in between the window panes, then we count this as one standard window pane. 



Other Factors

When estimating cost of window cleaning for your home, many factors influence the price per pane. Does it take a ladder to get to the inside or outside? Do we access the windows from the roof? Does the window have an interior screen or exterior screen? Does the window have a removable grid or does the window have fixed lights(french panes)? Does the window have a storm panel attached? What is the measure of difficulty in getting to the window? Does the window have paint or leftover construction debris? These and other questions can really only be answered by us when we do a Free Estimate on site for you. Otherwise estimating over the phone may not cover many of the issues involved with YOUR home.

Pricing for Other Services:

Gutter Cleaning----We offer this service as an addition to window cleaning since we have the appropriate tools to do a good job. We do not flush gutters and downspouts out with water unless customer specifically asks(extra charge). We also do not remove debris from the property unless, once again, the customer specifically asks(extra charge). Estimate available upon request.

Pressure Washing----We offer pressure washing of exterior of homes, patios, walkways, driveways, inside garage floors etc. This type of pressure washing is only to remove dirt and debris from certain surfaces. Estimate available upon request.

Some minor screen repair----please specify when getting free estimate or scheduling an appointment.