Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Blue Sky Window Cleaning cleans windows using biodegradable soap, water, squeegee, and lint free towels.
  • After the window is cleaned, we will wipe down the window sill and remove any cobwebs from around the window frame. 
  • Blue Sky Window Cleaning does NOT use extension poles to clean high windows. Using extension poles does not allow the window cleaner to be "On the glass" in order to wipe down edges of glass, wipe the sill and check the glass for streaks.  At Blue Sky we take pride in using Professional ladders equipped with Foam ladder mitts and leveler ladder legs with rubber shoes. This allows us to use extension ladders inside and outside of your home which prevents damage to interior walls or outside surfaces as well as protecting your floors and landscaping.

Below are three types of Window Cleaning Services we offer:

  • Inside and Outside COMPLETE cleaning (includes Glass, Sills, Screen wipe down, Track/Sash cleaning)
  • Inside and Outside BASIC cleaning (includes Glass,Sills and Screen wipe down only)
  • Outside only cleaning (includes Glass and Outside Screens only)
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